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SberBank is the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the leading financial institutions worldwide.

SberBank in Russia and Abroad

SberBank has 11 Regional Banks that are responsible for the functioning of more than 14,000 branches in 83 of Russia’s regions.

SberBank’s international network is made up of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in 21 countries, including Russia, CIS, Switzerland, the UK, the US, and Central and Eastern Europe.


Key goal of the 2023 Strategy is to achieve a whole new level of competitiveness to compete against global technology companies, while maintaining our status as the best bank for individuals and companies.

The bank puts the following as its strategic objectives:

  • To offer best customer experience and ecosystem
  • Technological leadership
  • New quality people working as efficient teams


Russian Federation represented by Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation owns 50% plus one voting stake in SberBank’s authorized capital (or 52.23% of all voting SberBank shares).