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Sberbank is the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe. Active and dynamic development of Sberbank’s international network is one of the key vectors in its strategy. Sberbank’s geographic presence covers 22 countries while the number of its customers outside Russia has reached 10 million. The share of international business accounts for 14% of the aggregate assets.

Sberbank’s first step into the international arena was the acquisition of a bank in Kazakhstan in 2006. This was followed by the purchase of banks in Ukraine and Belarus. The next stage was the opening of representative offices in Germany and China, as well as a branch in India.

The year 2012 was marked by major acquisitions. The Sberbank portfolio was expanded with the foreign assets of the former Volksbank International, a European group, which extended the geographic presence of Sberbank to ten countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Sberbank Europe AG).

The deal to acquire DenizBank opened the Turkish market to Sberbank, one of the top priority markets in the world, and was the largest acquisition in the Bank’s 173-year history.

As a universal banking institute, it offers services for both retail and commercial customers, as well as a portfolio in the areas of corporate and investment banking, asset management and financing.

According to the Group's 2018 strategy, Sberbank plans to focus on integrating of the acquired assets and expanding its business through organic growth.