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Commodity Trade Finance

Sberbank (Switzerland) AG plays an active role in financing the cross-border trade of commodities. Commodity Trade Finance (“CTF”), as part of Supply Chain Finance, is one of the strategic business lines of Sberbank (Switzerland) AG. Our Bank aims to capture trade flows to/from Russia & CIS, Black Sea and Mediterranean basin countries by delivering fast, accurate, innovative, tailor-made and country-specific financial solutions, which include:

• Prepayment financing being production and transportation pre-financing to commodity producers

• Inventory financing of commodities in approved warehouses and similar facilities

• Transportation financing being the financing of goods transported by rail or vessel

• Post-shipment financing being the financing of trade receivables either on open account or against acceptable payment instruments

• Borrowing base financing being the financing of a recurrent pool of trade assets such as inventory of commodities and/or trade receivables

In conjunction with the above, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG provides related Documentary Business Services.

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